May 17, 2017

Two years ago I went to Israel. July 2015. When I returned to the states, my heart ached to return to Israel. I wanted to live there. To be with the people and the land. I couldn’t bear to view the pictures I took. So the images have sat, in a folder, on an external hard drive, for two years. Out of the blue, I was pulled into the folder yesterday and edited 123 out of 261 shots from Jerusalem. Today, I will share them here with you.

One day I will return to Israel. Maybe to live. And one day, after my PhD is complete, I will learn Hebrew. : )

This trip started in Tel Aviv, meeting a beautiful best friend of mine, and then I went to Jerusalem to reconnect with other amazing friends I met when I lived there in 2007-08. I took only iPhone shots in Tel Aviv, embracing the culture and people around me. I hope to blog some of those as well.

I was asked to be the keynote speaker at Tel Aviv University for a Phototherapy/Therapeutic Photography Conference. That was one of the purposes for this trip. It was an amazing experience and I made life long friends. I hope to connect with them again and the awesome phototherapy school and programs there. America needs to catch up with where Israel and European countries have gone in the field of photothearpy -maybe I’ll be a part of this, as it’s the topic for my Dissertation. : )

Enjoy the captures I snapped while walking the streets of Jerusalem. The land flowing with milk and honey. From the Old City, Western Wall, to the shuk (market) -my fave. : )