May 24, 2017

What an honor to photograph Pernilla and Jason’s special day in Sarasota at the wonderful Phillippi Estate Park. They flew in from Sweden with their friends and family to celebrate their wedding day, without having seen the venue or having met me -and every single little thing was perfect! I simply fell in love with these two (-and their friends and family!) immediately and had such an awesome time documenting their momentous day. I have to admit, that even when going through their images again for this blog, tears filled my eyes remembering the most incredible thing I’ve ever witnessed at a wedding in my decade of shooting weddings… Pernilla made a fun, very creative, cute little film for Jason’s son, Joel, confirming her love for him and reassuring him of the new “mom” position she’s in -not to take the place of his mom, but that she is an addition to his family… (see their photo at the table towards the end) and me having been a child therapist for many years, and also having my mom marry my step-dad when I was 8 years old, I can’t begin to explain how incredible and wonderful of an action this was for Pernilla and their sweet young man, Joel. Joel is a blessed and loved little guy, and I don’t even have to hope the best for this family, because I know their authentic love seals all their hearts in such a special unique way. Saying good bye to them at the end of the day, Pernilla invited me to crash on their couch if I’m ever in Sweden -little does she know, I am more than willing to take her up on that offer!! 😉 Can’t wait. Enjoy your photos, Pernilla and Jason, and thank you so much for trusting me on this special day. xx

Ceremony Venue: Phillippi Estate Park
Reception Venue: Phillippi Estate Park
Event Planner: Jackie Ross, Table 6 Productions
Officiant: Jeremy Mecler
Florist: Heather Bay at Rose Garden
Caterer: Sarasota Catering Company
Cake: Sarasota Catering Company
Hair/Makeup Stylist: Denise Burkle with db Studio